Three pairs of dance shoes (don’t judge me)

A change of clothes. Or two

Several pairs of dance socks (I dance these to pieces so fast I’m practically the twelfth dancing princess)

Insoles (the blisters!)

Hand sanitizer (just as important for freshening up as deodorant)

Deodorant (if you think you don’t need to carry a stick with you, you’re wrong)

Hand lotion

Mini first aid kit (those blisters!)


Arnicare gel (all right, it’s not in the bag, but it’s crucial to my after dance care)



Water bottle (some places charge you for water)

Pocket knife (you never know until you need it)

Granola and protein bars

Shoes brushes (yes, they’re a thing)

Hair brush

Hair ties

MP3 player

Three notebooks

Wait, four

A mysteriously multiplying amount of pens (honestly, I have no idea where they all came from)

Ten dollars emergency cash (no really, that’s all I carry, don’t rob me)


what essentials and not-so-essentials make it in your bag?