Can I move now?

How about now?

Seriously, leg cramping.

Maybe he didn’t notice that back lead.

He noticed.

Was that his foot?

That was my foot.

That was my toe!

Where’s your hand?

Where’s my hand?

No, I don’t feel dorky at all.

Woo, let’s do that again!

Don’t call on me. Don’t call on me. Don’t call on me…

He called on me.

Please let me know this move.

Oh hey, I do know this move!

No wait. No I don’t.

He’s giving me that look again.

Now he’s laughing.

Whoa, why are you over there now?

Should I be over there now?

You did not lead that.

I did not follow that.

My left foot is….this one. Wait, this one.

This song’s a cha cha?

Heeeeeey, Macarena!

Air guitar!

Did she just see that?

She saw.

Okay, we’re laughing. It’s fine.

I need that shoulder.

Tuck in your elbow!

You just elbowed him again.

I am menace to society.

I really hope my deodorant’s still working.

I am a gross, sweaty mess.


Did my hair just whack him in the face?

Yeah, it did.

Wow, that went fast.