What he says: “Now that’s some good posture there!”
What I say: “Thanks.”
What I mean: “It’s because you’re provoking me and I’m a little pissed off right now and this is my aggressive stance.”

“How’s your day going?”
“Oh you know…it’s been a day.”
It’s been absolutely awful but I’ll get upset if I even start to think about it again and I really need to focus if I’m going to get through this lesson, so I’m just going to pretend it’s okay.”

“Why won’t you do that in lesson?”
“I wasn’t trying…I was just goofing around.”
Because it’s your job to judge my every move and sometimes it makes me so self-conscious that I shut down and right then I was just living in the moment.”

“That was my knee!”
“Sorry, are you okay?”
I know that hurt because that hurt me too.”

“Where’d you get those bruises?”
“I don’t even know anymore.”
You gave me at least two of these.”

“What are you smirking at?”
“Nothing…I just remembered something.”
I just thought of a great joke at your expense but I’m keeping it to myself.”

“I only embarrass you because I find you relax more if I can make you laugh at yourself.”
“Yeah, I picked up on that.”
And it sometimes works, but sometimes it just pisses me off and that’s why my posture just got better.”

“Why don’t you ever do that when I tell you?”
“Because I get self-conscious.”
Because when you pressure me and put me on the spot like that, it makes me feel backed into a corner and my natural response is to fight back.”

“Why are you shaking? What are you so nervous about?”
“I can’t control it. I’m not even aware of it.”
It’s more complicated than that. I have an anxiety disorder that puts my adrenaline on overdrive, and you don’t even realize how much dancing has helped me with it. Right now I’m just having a mini adrenaline rush like a quadruple shot espresso, but not because I’m nervous but because I’m really, really happy/excited. But talking about it is just going to give me another, bigger shot of it and I don’t think you want to dance with me when I’m registering on the Richter scale. ”

“Anything interesting going on?”
“Meh…same old.”
I wrote a new article for my secret dance blog, and I think you’d like it but I’d be embarrassed to death if you knew.”