Shortly after my last post, my blog reached it’s first 1000 hits. Perhaps not a big deal, no, but I’m the sort that takes pleasure in the celebrating the little milestones. So this week I just wanted take a little time to say to all of you

Thanks for reading.

Truth be told, I wasn’t really expecting any followers. I just felt like I had so much to say and no one to say it to. Like many in the blog-o-sphere, I express myself best in writing (and worst in person). In my year I’ve already filled up a journal and a half of my personal and private experiences memories within dancing. But it didn’t feel like enough. I had ideas. I was forming opinions. And for good or bad, I just had to share them.

I sometimes wonder if I’m “in the right” by writing this blog. I still feel like a total newbie who really knows nothing: that little kid that blurts out her first thought on what puts clouds in the sky while the adults smile and humor her. I often wonder what my dancemates and teachers would think should they ever stumble upon here. I like to think that, whether they agree with all my opinions or not, they’d see I always do my best to represent them in the best light of truth possible. With a touch of humor (hopefully).

If I have any goals beyond that, I’d say I just want to relate. I wanted the old veteran dancers to remember what it was like to first start out. I wanted dancers like to me to feel they aren’t alone in trying to figure out this dance world. And for people who are too intimidated or shy to give this glamorous, awe-inspiring thing a try, I wanted to strip away the curtain. A little less glitz and makeup and a lot more warmth and laughter. Whether I’m succeeding, only time will tell.