That was a…brave choice.

Now hold your egg. Lovely.

Don’t make it weird.

Don’t take that the wrong way.

Hand on my bicep. That’s not my bicep.

Gold star!

Lead me, and I’ll be the girl for a second.

And pelvis connection…good!

Permission to touch your face?

I’m caught on your shirt…nice shirt, by the way.

Guys, if you put your hand there, remember: her elbow is right here.

Yes! Dance, my puppets!

That dress is just made for spins, isn’t it?

You’re a beautiful woman! Dance like it!

Right now, you’ve got me in a death grip.

If you do that…no one’s going to dance with you.

I want sexy assassin!

Come here. I need a body.

I’m trying to get in there, but you won’t let me.

Don’t get away from me!

Did you get new shoes? I swear you’re taller.