Him: “I know you know.”
Me: “I know I know!”

H: “You should have reminded me today!”
M: “I did remind you today! Today’s today!”

H: “Hey Luna, can you backlead him?”
M: “It would be my pleasure!”

H: “Stop yelling at me.”
M: “I wasn’t yelling!”
H: “There was a little yelling.”

M: “Stop laughing.”
H: “I wasn’t laughing.”
M: “Yes you are! Stop it!”
H: “I’m not laughing!”

H: “I like that pose.”
M: “I was going for unimpressed.”
H: “It’s sassy!”

H: “Now how did that feel?”
M: “…pretty good, yeah.”
H: “Are you sure? Because you have me in a death grip.”

H: “Right, student?”
M: “Whatever you say, teacher.”

H: “I expect it by five twenty this afternoon!”
M: “That was an hour ago.”
H: “I expect it by six twenty this afternoon!”

H: “That was…”
M: “I know! Don’t hurt my feelings!”

H: “And that means…”
M: “…yeah, I have no idea where you’re going with this.”

H: “Straight leg. The other leg. The other leg. The other—
M: “I only have two legs!”

H: “That was a good workout.”
M: “Yeah, I feel sufficiently gross.”

M: “I backlead and it betrayed me.”
H: “…it usually does.”