I’m sorry, I promise I love you!

There’s a lot of beautiful things going on right now…your face isn’t one of them.

I like it with the sound effects.

Check out those shoes!

All right, I’m going to go grab some guys.

What do you think, am I tango sexy?

It’s my body and I’ll roll if I want to!

Wait, am I a guy or a girl right now?

There’s a booty roll coming, I can feel it.

I’m just admiring your butt kicks.

The room’s still spinning…

I like your shoes.
Thanks, they give me terrible blisters.

Spinning arms of death!

I let you have that answer.

Well, your dress is super fun.

Now that was a backlead if I ever saw one!

I just karate chopped him.

Luna’s over here beating me up.

Work with me, woman!

I’m too tall for this!


I like when I turn and he does the Matrix thing.

That’s all right. He’s been a jerk to me all week.

Don’t laugh at me when I’m being sexy!