M: You’re kind of a jerk
H: But a loveable one.

H: Now, what did you all notice about what Luna did?
M: …Was it a good thing?

M: So have you been thinking about our routine?
H: Oh yeah.
M: Any ideas yet?
H: Sure.
M: …Are you going to share—
H: Nope.

H: You said you wanted to be pushed
M: Push me any harder and I’ll fall over.

H: Sorry, did I kick you in the elbow?
M: You did. It was actually kind of impressive.

H: What was that?
M: I was trying not to crash into you.
H: It’s supposed to be danced close!
M: That doesn’t mean we can occupy the same space!

M: Whatever. Jerk.
H: Jerk face.

H: Come on! You can get your leg higher than that!
M: Any higher and I’m going to kick you in the face.

H: What was that?!
M: My hip popped. It’s fine.
H: ….was that your hip again?!
M: Look, it’s probably going to do that every time so I need you to stop freaking out.

H: Let go of my hand! Why do you keep reaching for it?
M: Maybe I just like holding your hand.

H: Show me what you’re working on…no.
M: I haven’t even moved yet!

H: Why do you keep making faces?!
M: They’re in response to your faces!