I don’t know what you did there, but it was weird.

I’ve completely lost the class.

It’s a beautiful dress. It just betrayed you.

You know what’s coming next.

I think you’re turning a little red!

Write that down!

Where’s your notebook?

Give me your notebook.

Good…as I expect of my student.

I’m not going to drop you.

So self-conscious!

Come on! Give me sultry!

There’s some martial arts move or something going on over there.

Arms up!

Arms out!

Turn your heel in. I said in. In.

You look terrified.

Now you do it… Wrong.

Do I have to separate you two?

What is your leg doing?

But I want it to be flirty!


Oh come on! This is the easy part!

Give me frame, woman!

Suck in that tummy.

I really need you to sass that.

Ugh. No…just…no.