It’s been two years since I’ve started dancing. And what a two years it has been.

I wish I could say this year was as happy as the last, but I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. What do they call it? The sophomore blues? Freshman year, everything is still new and fresh and exciting and overwhelming. But then sophomore year you hit that rut. That awful feeling of stuck and sameness. That the sparkling newness has worn off to the harsher truths.

But I don’t want this to be negative. A lot of this past year has been amazing. I’ve met so many wonderful people who are now part of my dance family. I’ve become closer to those I’ve met in previous years, to become some of the people I love and trust most in the world.

And I’ve grown as a dancer, being at the studio three or four times a week. I’m leaner and stronger, and continue to venture outside my comfort zones and challenge myself with new dances. I’ve become a dancer others have begun to come to for help. I’m learning things a year ago I would have said were never for me.

And yet…I still feel like a beginner. Two years feels like nothing at all in dance time. I think I must just be a beginner. How can I be otherwise, when there’s still an eternity of dance left to learn?

I really can’t wait to learn it all.